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Welcome to my website!

On my website you will find images and plainly written text to describe what I do and what I offer. I have designed this website to avoid the turn offs that I have experienced elsewhere. 

Plain and simple...I am an artistic creator.  Whether that be as a photographic moment in time, an ageless artistic quilt, or a timeless piece of jewelry.  If I can envision it, I can create it. 

It seems like I was born with a camera in my hands!  I loved capturing images of people and objects and definitely loved playing with light to create dramatic affects.  I began creating photographic images in the early 1970's with my 35mm Miranda camera (film, remember that?).  After many years of creating images for friends and family, and slowly but surely adapting to a digital medium, I transformed into a professional photographer.

As the stress of care giving (for my parents) began to take its toll, I turned to creating quilts, jewelry, and watercolor creations. I have continued these creations, despite the loss of both my parents, as I have found these to be a very effective way of dealing with everyday stress. My ability to select colors and pattern combinations stemmed from my photographic abilities. I have progressed into creating art quilts, spectacular jewelry, and mesmerizing watercolor creations. 

Please check out my photographic images and creations on my Image Gallery page. If you are interested in my services or offerings, please contact me via email at

Be sure to visit and sign my Guest Book. I would love to see your comments. Oh, don't forget to check back for updates to this site.

Thanks for visiting!



This website was last updated on February 10, 2013.

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